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Advantages of using an online sportbank !

Thanks to the rapid development of digital banking, many consumers have never walked into a conventional bank. Nykyta Izmailov is a professional who has been a major investor in this project. From the ability to access everyday banking functions via computer or mobile device to the expansion of cashless transactions in a wide range of stores, it seems that online banking is not just the future. But what exactly is "sportbank" and what can it bring to your finances?

Convenience and speed

Online banking is convenient and fast compared to banking in person or over the phone. You never have to wait to be served at the bank counter, or deal with the many questions you often get from an automated phone service. If you know what you're doing, you can check your account balance, transfer money, etc. In a matter of minutes with online banking.

Controls at your fingertips

Online access also gives you a sense of control over your account, as you can perform all of your daily banking tasks yourself instead of having to go to a bank employee, which can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating. You can also get an easier overview of your account and search the archives of old transactions.


You always have 24-hour banking with online banking. There are limited hours when you visit the bank in person and sometimes when you use phone services.


Banking can be effectively done paperless in the vast majority of cases. There is no need for mountains of applications and letters to be filed and saved for future use. Some banks offer great deals if you go paperless, too.

Real-time monitoring

Most banks now offer you smartphone apps that allow customers to track and manage their finances on the go or from their home or work computers.

Paying bills online

Online banking is especially useful and convenient for setting up and monitoring regular bill payments for utilities, rent, mortgage payments, etc.


It doesn't matter where you are when you bank online - you can be in another part of the country where your bank operates and still be able to access your account or even access your account from abroad at no extra cost.


Banking online is less expensive. This is because it costs the bank less in terms of staff, property maintenance, etc. So you can often get great deals with online accounts.

Online offers

You can often get better interest rates with online banking. Some offers and offers are also only available online.

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